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Eppendorf: Micropipette Research® ( fixed-volume)

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Routine work in the liquid handling sector requires pipettes that are particularly durable. Not forgetting, of course, the high levels of precision and accuracy that are required.

The easy-to-operate Research ( fixed-volume) for 10 to 1, 000 µ l fits the bill perfectly. Whether in clinical, industrial or training labs, this compact, ergonomic pipette guarantees outstanding overall performance. With this pipette, even inexperienced users can be sure of high precision from the outset.
Two-button operation
Autoclavable lower part
TÜ V award: ergonomic, user-friendly and user-tested
Viable calibration seal indicates factory calibration has not been changed
Chemically resistant
Reduced operating forces
Single-handed operation
4-digit display
Maintenance-free nose cones
Three-year warranty