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HANNA Instrument Pocket Thermocouple HI 98517

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HI 98517 KEY® is a K-type thermocouple temperature sensor with an interchangeable probe for quick spot measurements. With a response time of less than 20 seconds in water, KEY is ideal for quality control and routine industrial temperature monitoring. There are 5 interchangeable temperature probes available to meet your specific requirements. In the HVAC field, gas and air can be monitored with the HI 98517-11 probe. The HI 98517-13 probe is for penetration and is included with the meter. It also provides a fast response typical of a thermocouple probe. HI 98517-15 and HI 98517-30 probes are for general liquid monitoring. The HI 98517-12 probe is made for machine shops, molding facilities and welding surfaces. The casing of the meter is completely redesigned with a more ergonomic and appealing shape. Each probe is constructed out of rugged AISI 316 stainless steel, resisting the harmful effects of chemicals and humid conditions. HI 98517 ( KEY® ° C) provides temperature measurements in degrees Celsius, while the HI 98518 ( KEY® ° F) model reads in degrees Fahrenheit.