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COPAN Transport Swab System for Microbiology: Amies Agar Gel with Charcoal

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13 / 12 / 2019
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Detail COPAN Transport Swab System For Microbiology: Amies Agar Gel With Charcoal

Fastidious anaerobe transport swabs Range of agar gel culture swabs specifically designed to maintain the viability of anaerobic bacteria in clinical swab specimens during transport to the laboratory. Packed in unique laminated film Swabs are sealed inside a new and unique plastic film pouch. The film is composed of 5 different types of plastic material sandwiched together. Oxygen entry blocked The plastic film acts like a barrier preventing penetration of atmospheric oxygen. Atmosphere inside the package is stabilized during the products shelf life. Media Eh always optimum for anaerobes Reduced Eh potential of agar gel column remains stabilized during product shelf life. Media Eh stays optimal for maintaining viability of fastidious anaerobes. Nitrogen gassed During product assembly the tube and swab package are flushed with nitrogen gas to drive out any atmospheric air. Tamper evident seal C hanges color when opened Package seal immediately changes color from clear to white as soon as pack is peeled open. Provides visual guarantee of first time use, product sterility and integrity. Designed for anaerobes Large 6cm depth of agar gel ensures that the swab is always deeply submerged in medium. A deep gel column combined with a narrow hour glass tube constriction, to reduce surface area available for oxygen penetration, provides the maximum protection for anaerobic bacteria in the sample. Performance tested using fastidious anaerobes Product is routinely tested using a variety of fastidious anaerobes to guarantee performance when used correctly.
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